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6 Ways to Prevent Back Pain at Work

Back pain might lead to a reduction in productivity. The constant pain in your back is distracting. Back pain might also lead you to call in sick if it is severe enough.

Identifying the fundamental cause of back pain, whether an injury that needs to be treated or poor posture that needs to be corrected, is frequently the first step toward finding relief. Adjusting the way you work can help relieve the tension that aggravates back pain. To reduce your pain levels, you may also require temporary relief measures that are safe to use at work. Listed below are some of the common causes of back pain at work.

Factors that Cause Back Pain at Work

Back and neck pain are caused by how your body is positioned throughout the day. The following are the three most common causes of back pain:

  • You're slouching forward in your chair.

  • Putting your phone between your ear and shoulder

  • Inactivity during the workday

  • Lifting or moving large objects with too much stress on your back might result in injury.

  • Specific actions, particularly those that involve twisting or rotating your spine, might harm your back if you do them repeatedly.

Back Pain Prevention at Work

There are things you may do at work to avoid and prevent back pain and injuries. Consider the following tips:


When standing, make sure your weight is distributed equally between your feet. Make sure you're not slouching. Choose a chair that supports your spinal curves to ensure a healthy sitting posture. Adjust your chair's height so that your feet are flat on the floor or a footrest, and your thighs are parallel to the floor. When sitting, take your wallet or phone out of your back pocket to relieve pressure on your buttocks and lower back.


Lift with your legs and tighten your core muscles when lifting and carrying a big thing. Keep the thing as near to your body as possible. Maintain your back's natural curve. When lifting, avoid twisting. If an object is too heavy to lift safely, seek assistance.


When lifting loads, use lifting equipment if they are accessible—alternate physically demanding and less physically demanding duties. If you use a computer, ensure sure your display, keyboard, mouse, and chair are all in the right place. Place your phone on speaker or use headphones if you frequently talk on the phone while typing or writing. Bending, twisting, and reaching should be avoided whenever possible. Carry heavy briefcases, purses, and bags for as little time as possible.


Tension in your back, shoulder, and neck muscles can be relieved with small stretches and movements throughout the day. Here are a few ideas of what you could do:

Rolling your shoulders forward and backward is a simple exercise you can practice. You can do this while sitting to avoid disrupting your workday or drawing attention to yourself. Shoulder shrugs are also an excellent way to relieve stress throughout your body.

Hold your arms out to the sides to add a little more movement to them. Forward and backward, rotate your arms in little circles. If you have enough room, lie flat on your back on your workplace floor. Stretch your back muscles by pulling your knees against your chest.


While you shouldn't rely on over-the-counter pain medicines for long-term comfort, they can be helpful for occasional more muscular symptoms.

Always visit your doctor to decide the right sort of pain reliever for you and ensure that you are not overly reliant on pain relievers. If an injury causes your pain, anti-inflammatory pain medicines can be highly beneficial. Inflammation is familiar with back issues, and the pain reliever can help.

Muscle massages can help temporarily relieve back pain. Maintain a supply of muscle rub at your desk in case you encounter pain during work.


Always remember to pay attention to your body. If something doesn't feel right, it's usually a good sign that something is wrong. Your body knows what it can and cannot accomplish, but you should be aware of your limitations and seek assistance if necessary. To be able to do every area of your profession safely, be aware of your dangers and surrounds.

These back pain relief treatments may be very beneficial to you. So, before your back pain worsens, take measures to set up a good workspace and develop good back-health practices. And always use a ScratchyBack® back scratcher for itch relief.

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